Communicative Intelligence

We’re here to build the friendliest country in the world.

We do that by helping people get on with each other.

We help people understand each other - then to be understood.

We build great relationships through increasing communicative intelligence.

The world is a very different place. People are tense.

Have you noticed that the world is in a very bad mood?

It’s hard right now.

Labour is tight. Unemployment in New Zealand is at record lows.

You want to attract the right people to join your team and to look after the ones you’ve got.

Wellbeing is dependant on great communication with others and yourself.

We teach you and your team to speak so that people will listen, and to listen so that people will speak.

We teach you to recognise the communicative clues and to adapt your communication appropriately.

That’s Communicative Intelligence.

Ask us about;

  1. The OPEN flames communications courses.
  2. The couples course.
  3. Keynote speeches.
  4. Speech coaching.
  5. Team Facilitation and purpose alignment.
Mark Bunting