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I teach people how to get on with people.


Mark Bunting is on a mission to make this country friendlier. He has helped improve the communicative performance of some of the best teams in Australasia.

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Open Flames

Understand your team in less than a day!

"People like people like themselves -  but you don't have to change who they are to be a part of the team. I'll give you the power and skills to like and be more liked.

I build bridges to connect teams, and  connected teams are great teams. 

I teach with respect, empathy and use a whole lot of humour. 

Families, couples, sports teams and corporate teams all benefit from Open Flames training. It's very simple, memorable and it's a lot of fun!"

Warren - CEO

"It was perfectly pitched, insightful and connected really well with the team.  It definitely changed the vernacular in the group and made the other tasks more interesting as we observed the different coloured flames working together.  Everyone rated the session really highly, and the consensus was that it was one of the best sessions we’ve had.  

Thanks again.  Your session was awesome – and deserving of a standing ovation!"

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Some Things To Ponder

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